Our Mission

to foster community wealth by building an equitable economic ecosystem that promotes a better quality of life.

Supporting the work of the Mon Metro Chamber of Commerce, the MMBEI promotes awareness, increases knowledge, and provides opportunities for the underserved small businesses in the Mon Valley region, to help them build and maintain wealth.

What we’re about
MMBEI works in the 12 Mon Valley communities that represent the Woodland Hills School District.  Four of these communities are identified by Allegheny County as being in extreme need.  These priority communities (Rankin, Braddock, North Braddock, East Pittsburgh) are historically underserved and are challenged with gaining access to resources that allow for a better quality of life.

MMBEI serves individuals, businesses, communities, and the region, working to increase access to resources, and provide services that are culturally responsive.  This is done in two ways:

MMBEI engages individuals to improve their economic capacity through education, training, mentorship, and coaching.

The Components

Vocational Insight
helps individuals learn their occupational identity

Work Connection
connects individuals to living wage jobs and employment opportunities

Workforce Development
attains and retains living wage jobs through competency training and development


is also a supportive ecosystem for small business owners and entrepreneurs, providing economic development assistance to launch and grow their business.  Community based businesses are crucial ways to develop community wealth for both the owner and the people they employ (McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility, October 2020).

For more information:
Lisa Franklin-Robinson, Executive Director
300 Holland Avenue - Braddock, PA  15104

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